Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Engagement

While writing my last post I realized, I had left out the joyous news OUR ENGAGEMENT!

In February, Chris asked me to marry him. Wow!!! He proposed to me a couple of weeks prior to my surgery. While that moment is one that we both want to remember as a private and personal moment; I would like to share that I am a very blessed woman to be in a relationship with a very supportive and loving man. Frankly, I feel that this experience is more noteworthy than my actual surgery. I say this because there are so many patients out there who loose there significant others when times get tough- health problems being a common reason. I was one of the fortunate and therefore want to recognize all the husbands, wives, caregivers, family members and friends who selflessly support there loved ones; physically, emotionally and financially. And although this support is selfless; it is important that we, as patients, do not take this forgranted but be attentive to our partners, caregivers, family members and friends needs as well.

In May, we took a long awaited vacation to San Francisco and Napa Valley to celebrate the medical achievements this past year as well as our future. It was a wondeful time which we enjoyed with friends and endulged in fine wine.

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Cristina Pineda said...

We want more blogs!
Have fun at your upcoming wedding Jen. Aloha from Maui.